• Prozis Professional Maltodextrin 2kg

Prozis Professional Maltodextrin 2kg – Get extra energy when you need it

Maltodextrin is an easy to mix complex of carbohydrates from plant food sources. It contains “glucose polymers” from sugar, which has a high glycemic index. That means it is easily assimilated and used by your body, where it provids a rapid release of energy. For that reason, maltodextrin is widely used by athletes and physically active people to refuel their muscle glycogen stores after highly intensive or long lasting physical exercise.

In addition, maltodextrin has a good gastric emptying time, which means it's consumption will not cause disgestive discomfort or swelling.

Maltodextrin Professional was specifically developed for professional athletes, providing an effective and doping free support to their sports performance.

As a 100% pure carbohydrate complex, it is definitely the perfect addition to your post workout shakes, promoting endurance, speed, energy and strength. Each serving contains 40g of maltodextrin to be used right when you need it.

Serving Size 1 Scoop in 500ml of water or milk - Scoop Provided

Prozis Professional Maltodextrin Highlights:

High-grade complex carbohydrate supplement
High GI carbohydrate
Fast-release energy source
Supports endurance, speed, energy and strength
Ideal for professional athletes and physically active people
Tested ingredients
Guaranteed doping-free batch

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Prozis Professional Maltodextrin 2kg

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