6 x Energy Gels + Caffeine 50g

  Do you want to make sure you don't run out of energy while running, cycling, mountain biking? Prozis Energy Gel has a premium formula that contains essential amino acids, b-complex vitamins, caffeine and beta-alanine that will power your endurance and performance! The Largest selling Gel in Spain, France, Germany and Italy and now exclusively on Sale in Ireland by ProAthl.com

Long training sessions and demanding competitions mean sweat, fatigue and exhaustion. That makes it crucial to compensate for lost nutrients. Do you want to make sure you don't run out of energy? Try our energy Gel with caffeine!

Prozis EnergyGel ( PEG ) is smooth with a light consistency, a dash of real juice and electrolytes for a great boost when you need it. It is not thick or overly sweet. Easy to open and swallow, Prozis EnergyGel is award-winning and proven in many of the World’s toughest competitions.

How to use Prozis Energy Gel ( PEG ) : EnergyGel straight or mix with water? Both types of gel do the same job. However, when you mix with water PEG has a lighter consistency somewhere between a drink and a gel. EnergyGel by itself has a slightly thicker consistency, but is less bulky and lighter in weight, which makes it easier to carry in larger quantities.

Take 1 Energy Gels ( PEG ) per hour, and also drink plenty of water so perfect for 10km or half marathons.

Made up of easily digestible carbohydrates and essential amino acids, Prozis Energy Gel will power up your performance every time you need that extra boost. After all, carbohydrates are your main energy source when you’re involved in intensive and/or long-lasting exercise, like running, mountain biking or cycling.

With these Energy Gels, you will get an extra push: caffeine. Caffeine is one of the most popular substances for performance enhancement, and will make the difference when you feel like you’re about to run out of energy.

Prozis Energy Gel is enriched with B-complex vitamins to support a normal energy-yielding metabolism, and also with beta-alanine, an amino acid widely used for enhancing muscle endurance.

Carrying a Prozis Energy Gel in your pocket is a smart idea that will help you face pretty much any challenge, anytime! And the best part: it is so packed with flavour and so easy to take that you don't even need to drink it with water.

Readily available carb sources ( 31g of Carbohydrate )
Enriched with beta-alanine and caffeine
Contains essential amino acids and B-complex vitamins
Provides long-lasting energy
Boosts endurance and performance
Delicious flavours
Easy to carry
Ready to take: no need to mix with water
Ideal to take during physical activity

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Energy Gels x 6 + Caffeine 50g

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