Vegetable protein, complete amino acid profile, delicious taste.

   If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or if you simply avoid including meat in your diet, there is a question you are probably bombarded with all the time: “Where do you get your protein?” MyVegies developed 100% Vegetable Protein to become the supplement that will cover all your protein needs. Whether you are an athlete with specific protein requirements, follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or simply want to cut back on animal products, 100% Vegetable Protein is the healthy, delicious and complete protein supplement you need.

Yes, protein is certainly an essential nutrient, that plays a myriad of roles in the way our body functions. People need significant amounts of protein daily to ensure normal repair and growth of body tissue, to maintain the structure of red blood cells, and to ensure proper functioning of the immune system, among other functions.

If vegans and vegetarians get enough protein from their diet, should they use supplements too?

Of course they should! If meat eaters supplement themselves with protein, then vegetarians certainly can – and should! - do the same. Although a vegan or vegetarian diet may provide enough protein to meet most people's basic daily requirements, fact remains that meals must be well thought out to ensure you get enough protein. And while it is possible to carefully plan ahead and have several dishes ready to go, to pack and take to the office or for a quick late-night dinner, you will still have to prepare these meals in advance, which means shopping for groceries, cooking, and cleaning up in the end.

And let's not forget about the calories either, because even though you may have a nutrient-rich diet, that doesn't mean it's lean. Most people tend to associate a vegetarian diet with getting healthy and lean, but that's not necessarily so. Vegetarian diets may be healthier in the sense that the sheer amount of vegetables in most dishes comes with loads of vitamins, minerals and fibre that you wouldn't get in most conventional meals. In terms of calories however, a vegetable stir-fry or stew, for example, may pack as many calories as your typical fast food meal.

Finally, vegetarian and vegan athletes need to consume larger amounts of protein to keep their muscles strong and healthy, and supplementation can provide a quick, complete and powerful vegetable protein solution. This is when vegetable protein supplements come in handy, and that is why MyVegies created 100% Vegetable Protein.

100% Vegetable Protein, the perfect vegetable protein

In case you don't have the time, interest, or skill to prepare a complete vegetarian meal, if you need a convenient protein product you can easily carry anywhere, or if you simply want to add extra protein to your diet in a practical and effortless way, 100% Vegetable Protein is the perfect solution.

Composed of an exclusive blend of vegetable protein sources, 100% Vegetable Protein provides a complete and highly bioavailable protein with all the essential and non-essential amino acids one needs to stay fit and healthy. MyVegies also enriched 100% Vegetable Protein with several important vitamins that will support your body functions and give you extra energy.

With an outstanding nutritional value, provided in amazing natural flavours, and produced exclusively with vegetable protein sources, 100% Vegetable Protein is the perfect protein supplement for vegetarians and vegans. 100% Vegetable Protein is your door to a healthier lifestyle.

100% Vegetable Protein Highlights:
High quality protein source
100% vegetarian protein
Complete amino acid profile
Plays a role in the growth an maintenance of muscle mass
Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
Enriched with 12 essential vitamins
Aspartame free
Free of cholesterol

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