20 Electrolyte Energy Tabs

   Do you need to refuel your body after an intense workout? these effervescent energy electrolyte tablets are the convenient way to help you find the balance you need, enriched with minerals.

Electrolytes are necessary for your body to maintain a proper fluid balance, transmit nerve impulses, and to contract your muscles. With the right electrolyte level, you can easily bounce back from your previous workout, making it easier to get ready for the next one.

When you engage in endurance training, your body's resources become exhausted and you will need to recover everything that is lost. Now there is an easy and practical way to do this; just dilute your energy effervescent tab – a true sports ally enriched with minerals – in water.

If your calfs tend to cramp while you run in marathons then these Electrolyte tablets might be all you need to stop your muscles cramping, new studies have indicated that low levels of Magnesium, Calcium and Potasium can lead to calf cramps.

In reality you will need a 500ml bottle with one effervescent Electrolyte tablet in it filled with water for the first 13 miles, then you will need another 500ml water bottle with a second effervescent Electrolyte tablet for miles 14 to 26. Used in conjunction with Gels and or bars ( every 20 mins )  this formula should see you to the finish line of your next marathon free of cramps and the dreaded wall at 21 miles ( assumes you practice taking gels , bars and the Electrolyte energy tablets for a few months during the training phase of your marathon plan ).

On warm Summer days you may need to pop one of these tabs in a pint of water 3 times a day in order to stay hydrated and especially so if you are training almost every day.

So perfect for Cycling and the best Electrolyte Energy Tabs for running.

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20 Electrolyte Energy Tablets

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